Whatever age and stage all DHSA members are eligible to apply for a Grant to support further education or re-training in a chosen field. During the last 20 years approximately 75 grants have been awarded to members ranging from 18-50 years working in a variety of fields including medical, legal and dramatic, law conversion, re-training for physiotherapy from administration and for speech therapy from finance……

Grant applications are reviewed at 3 committee meetings held during the year so deadlines are 31st January, 30th April and 1st September. Applications will all be considered individually and on their own merits but will NOT be considered or grants awarded between deadlines.

The DHSA welcomes applications for all areas of further education but not for gap year travelling or to facilitate charitable fund raising events.

Following receipt of a grant individuals are required to submit a report and supporting photographs illustrating the use of their monies, for more information on recent grants read a selection of recent successful applicants.

We welcome grant applications from all members, however please note that a member is only eligible to receive one grant from the DHSA.


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