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Gilly Holloway Property Search

With a background in interior design, property development and seven years in estate agency in prime central London, I became one of the first full time, independent property buyers over 18 years ago, at the request of an applicant who had recognised the exceptional level of understanding, care and commitment I had shown them whilst I was employed by one of the top privately owned estate agents. They had hunted me down after I left looking for a new challenge and not knowing in which direction I would head, persuaded me to act for them exclusively in their search and the rest, as they say, is history. I have never advertised, but I have had a steady flow of lovely clients since that day, all sent to me by word of mouth. I only act for a maximum of four clients at any one time and never with conflicting briefs, so sometimes there is inevitably a wait. I am often referred business by banks and other estate agents who recognise the value of diligence, integrity and an ability to think outside the box. A skilled negotiator with the best professional advisors on call, I am known for my expertise in securing hotly contested property without paying over the odds. References happily supplied on request and I would be delighted to discuss your particular needs.

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J. B. Architects

Private architecture practice. RIBA & ARB registered, specialising in residential, hospitality and ecological projects.

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Property Personal Shopper

LONDON PROPERTY FINDER Property Personal Shopper is a London based bespoke property search company. Buying property in London can be a stressful and time-consuming experience as there are so many factors to consider everything from setting a realistic budget and selecting the right area to match the budget, to knowing which end of a street is most desirable. I offer an efficient and personal service, saving you time, stress and money. Contact me on: +44 (0)7712186854 (Fern McCullagh - Friend of Downe House)

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We would like to think we set the standard for independent buying representation in prime central London for those discerning and uncompromising individuals from across the globe who desire access to the finest addresses that the city has to offer. It's certainly our aim. Acquiring prime residential property in the most desirable areas of London doesn't just take time and skill; it takes a huge weight of experience. It is this experience, along with a comprehensive understanding of the complex London market and our independent status that enables us to act strategically, incisively and with total objectivity for the buyer. It is also this experience that allows us to truly comprehend all the issues of privacy, security and intrusion that are faced when moving to a house of significant value, particularly in an era where wealth is the new celebrity and captains of industry are just as likely as footballers to have their personal circumstances pored over by the media. Our bespoke, discreet and highly responsive service can ease the stress of acquisition in a highly competitive arena, and our objective input and educated advice can help to seek out the best reservoirs for investment and maintain the motivation required to achieve the ideal purchase. Louisa Brodie (DH 1994)

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