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Hamilton & Hare: Underwear to be seen

We are makers of luxury men's tailored boxer shorts. After observing the lack of inspiration and quality in the men's underwear sector I set out, with an all-important female perspective, to give it the attention it deserves. Combining Savile Row expertise and beautiful materials we have created a unique tailored boxer short for a more flattering and comfortable fit. We call it: Underwear to be seen. Olivia Francis (Muir DH 2004)

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PJ Pan: luxury pyjamas & cotton nightwear

Launched in 2008, PJ Pan produces some of the UKs finest cotton and silk nightwear for women, men, teenagers and children. This entirely British-made collection includes pyjamas, pyjama bottoms, nightshirts, dressing gowns and pyjama shorts, all of which are available in a wide range of stylish and original designs. Realising that it was almost impossible to buy pyjamas for tall people, PJ Pan also offers an extra long leg in many of their adult pyjamas and pyjama bottoms. Pandora Stormonth Darling (Green DH 1995)

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