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AVLAKI: Superb Organic Olive Oils

We import organic olive oils of a taste and quality that cannot be found from the shop-bought. Light in texture, gold in colour (from the mix of olives), they astonish and delight food specialists and our clients who return constantly for repeat orders. The olives are hand-picked and come from single estates on Lesvos Island, Greece, and the oil is bottled fresh from the press. It is unfiltered so nothing is removed from the olives’ well known nutritional properties, or the sensational taste! Natalie Wheen (DH 1964)

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Northern Bl°c

Our philosophy is focused on the simple principle of creating the highest quality ice cream, using only the best natural ingredients, no artificial flavourings, syrups or additives. There are no boundaries with respect to innovation which leads to our modern ice cream without limits. We’d love for you to try some and talk to us! Instagram & Twitter @northern_bloc (Liena Tanaka, 2003)

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Victoria Defty Couture Cakes

Providing fantastic handcrafted cakes and irresistible creations of the finest quality for celebrations of all occasions. Victoria Defty (Kendon DH 2000)


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