Insight into careers in international business, hospitality and event management

Sixth formers enjoyed another interesting evening in the series of Oyster Society talks and our thanks to Lower Sixth former, Anna Goodman for writing the report below on the presentation.

“On Tuesday 28 February 2017, Rebecca Burnett and Cathy Tabbert from Burnett Global Education Ltd came and delivered a presentation on International Business, Hospitality and Event Management and the opportunities that are available when studying at a number of international and UK based Hotel Management Schools.

Rebecca discussed a selection of the 27 institutions that she represents with her company and gave us an overview of the Swiss style of educating, the different courses that are available and the importance of soft skills within the hospitality industry. Additionally, we learnt about the multitude of global study opportunities that are specifically dedicated to hospitality training across Europe, Australia and Asia.

Furthermore, she highlighted the breadth of positions within the industry and the fact that the tourism and hospitality sector is the second largest employer in the world and that over the coming years there is an ongoing demand for hiring new staff at an increasing rate - most significantly in Asia, where 40 hotels are being built each week. Similarly, the demand for skilled employees within luxury business and brand management with employers like LVMH and Rolex is rising and the transferable skills and business acumen are paramount.

The presentation was hugely insightful and opened new opportunities for us to explore, whilst underlining the importance of detail, presentation and communication within the workplace and we look forward to welcoming Cathy Tabbert back at the Gap Year Fair.”
Anna Goodman, LVI

Posted: 7th Mar 2017

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