The story of the DH Herald

DH Herald was founded in 2015 by Sixth former, Alyx Van Der Vorn, who appointed Georgina Anastassopoulos Tubby to succeed her as Editor when she transferred to the Upper Sixth and needed to focus on her studies. After the success of her first edition which was published in January 2017 with the help of the Foundation Department, Georgina is now working on the second edition with the help of her creative team, Jane and Kate who are responsible for the design and layout of the publication. We caught up with them in a production meeting and asked Georgina a few searching questions…

Why did you volunteer for the role of Editor?

Well, what actually happened was that I used to contribute articles and then Alyx invited me to apply to be Editor and before I knew it, I had the job! Actually I was really pleased to be chosen as I am very interested in what’s happening in the world and think that it’s important for everyone to broaden their knowledge as much as possible so that they can form and express their own opinions.

So how do you get started on a new issue?

The DH Herald is essentially a collection of essays and opinion pieces and so the first job is to persuade people to get thinking and talking about current affairs both inside and outside the Downe House community and then to encourage them to write a piece within the timeframe.

After that, it’s a case of planning the design and layout of the issue with Jane and Kate – they are both incredibly creative and for our first edition, they gave each article an individual design and we were really pleased with its overall style. The final stage is collating and proofreading the articles and then organising the production and distribution of the edition.

What have you enjoyed the most about being Editor of the DH Herald?

I really like reading the articles that other people write and it is so satisfying to know that I have played a part in helping them to express their opinions and to really think about what is going on outside of their bubble. I love debating and writing essays myself and so it is a great outlet for my interest in politics and world affairs.

What has been the most difficult task?

I found that when a big news event happens, there are suddenly lots of people inspired to write an article and that is somewhat challenging from the Editor’s point of view! I think that the second edition is going to be easier as it was a steep learning curve the first time round!

Who reads the DH Herald?

Well I really hope that everyone reads it! We distribute it to all the boarding houses, in the Dining Room and Staff Room and we send it to the parents of the contributors. My next aim is to upload it to the Parent Zone on the DH website so that all of the parents can read it. People have told me that it’s a good read and that they enjoy the mix of articles covering life within and outside the Downe House community.

Thanks to the DH Herald team for their great efforts and we look forward to settling down with the next edition.

Posted: 13th Mar 2017

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