Play in a Day? No problem.

It was all hands on deck last week as the Upper Fifth challenged themselves to a play in a day, with the aim of performing a finished piece to parents and guests on Thursday 9 March.

Nineteen girls signed up to the challenge and agreed to explore the highly topical theme of fake news. A proliferation of fake news sites and ‘what happened next’ columns have put forward a reimagined version of reality that puts Hilary Clinton in the White House and La La Land taking the Oscar for best film as the public yearn to see a more satisfying version of real life events, a post-truth world where facts are outranked by fiction.

This play, Alternative Facts, was based on a number of original scenes written by Drama teacher Mr Nick Barclay, a selection of scenes from published texts, which were further enriched by two musical theatre pieces choreographed and arranged by Acting Director of Performing Arts, Miss Kyia Grandi. This material was expanded with original moments of text and dance devised by the girls themselves.

It turned out to be a high-energy show, put together by an extremely creative cast with just one day of rehearsal! The process brought new thinking and skills to all those who took part.

Mrs Scott, Assistant Headmistress (Foundation), who saw the play take shape during rehearsals, commented, “It was immensely exciting to see the creative process condensed to such a short time span and witness the girls’ collaborative spirit. They found it challenging and rewarding in equal measure and the results were a thought-provoking commentary on the incipient fake news phenomenon.”

It took the audience on a whirlwind journey of parody and satire, looking at celebrity news, political hypocrisy and ‘truth versus lies’ in today’s social climate. What could be more topical than that!

Posted: 14th Mar 2017

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