Lower Fourth go camping!

The Lower Fourth from Hill and Hermitage Houses went on a camping weekend as part of their Wakefield Award, the young leaders’ award which the girls work towards during their Lower School years at Downe House.

The aim of the Wakefield Award is to develop a sense of adventure through undertaking new and challenging activities and as the girls set off for the Thirtover Place Activity Centre which is about a mile away from the School, it was clear that they were ready for anything!

The weekend started with a sensory walk through the woodland for the girls to use their senses of smell and hearing to discover what activities take place in the woods and identify types of creatures in that habitat. When they arrived at Thirtover Place, the first job was to set up over 20 tents in which they were going to spend the night – the girls had great fun learning how to put up a tent properly and installing themselves and their bedding.

Geography teacher, Miss Emeny taught a small team how to cook on Trangia stoves and then the group set about cooking a pasta dish for over 40 people! After a delicious supper, everyone convened around the campfire to round the evening off, toasting marshmallows and eating s’mores. The students entertained themselves and their Housemistresses with a lively singsong featuring Disney films, ‘Once The Musical’ and of course, lots of pop songs.

It was an early start the following morning to take down all of the tents and then the girls embarked on a carousel of team-building activities. The four teams were pitted against each other to use their initiative, come up with ideas and work together to compete to be the winning team.

Geography teacher, Miss Emeny who organised the weekend said, “The camping weekend is a key activity in the Wakefield Award and the girls really enjoyed the camping, cooking and campfire activities and rose to all the challenges we set them, especially the team challenges where there was some fierce competition!! My thanks to Miss Cawdron for being the Sports Leader, Miss Vallance for her contribution to the team building sessions and to Mrs Collingwood for being a great driver. It was a great weekend!”

Posted: 25th May 2017

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