Going to Cambridge

Anna C found out a week ago that she has gained a place to St John’s College, Cambridge. Now that she has had a chance for the results to sink in, she reflects on a life-changing day.

“Before I found out my results, I saw on UCAS track that I had got into Cambridge, which was the main thing for me. As my offer was four A*s my first reaction was shock, I had to read it loads of times to check it was right. When I found out I had actually got D1 D1 D1 A* I actually questioned whether it was a mistake! The result I was most worried about was Further Maths and to achieve a D1 I was over the moon and getting a D1 in Chemistry meant a lot to me as this was probably my favourite subject. Once the shock had turned to relief I was so happy.

I always planned to apply to Oxbridge but it took me ages to choose a course. Up until the last minute I thought I was going to apply to Oxford for Engineering but then realised during Sixth Form that actually the subject I was most interested in was Chemistry. Therefore I chose Natural Sciences as I wanted to continue studying all of my A-level subjects (which isn't offered at Oxford) meaning that I chose Cambridge.

I am really looking forward to being surrounded by people who are all equally interested in their given subjects and also meeting loads of new people. Another part of Cambridge which really appealed to me was the amazing musical reputation, as I was keen to pursue my interest in music. I have been awarded a choral scholarship at St John’s Voices, the mixed choir. I am so excited to go to university in October but will miss Downe as it has really helped to shape me as a person over the last seven years.

Some of my happiest moments at Downe were in the Sixth Form. Being able to choose only the subjects I really enjoyed made me enjoy every lesson. All my teachers were amazingly helpful with my preparation for Oxbridge entrance tests, interviews and writing my personal statement and they were always happy to support me with anything as well as answer my endless questions. Despite the academic pressure I faced this year due to applying to Cambridge and then receiving a high offer I still managed to stay involved with all my musical commitments as well as becoming Head of Music and doing my Grade 8 singing and playing in the second netball and tennis teams. I was advised multiple times, especially by my Housemistress, that I should probably cut down on some of this but it was really important to me to continue everything and I was fully supported in doing this.

I honestly have no idea what the future holds! I have always left decisions as late as possible from choosing my A-level subjects the day we came back to choosing Natural Sciences about two weeks before everything was due so I guess it will be at least two years before I have a proper idea!”

Posted: 24th Aug 2017

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