First Phoenix Society meeting of the year

Last Friday was the first formal meeting for this academic year of the Phoenix Society with Radley College. The Phoenix Society is a forum for all Lower and Upper Sixth students to present and discuss a huge range of topics which include the presentation of research findings, charitable concerns, political issues or a personal interest or hobby.

One of the hosts for the meeting was Upper Sixth Form girl Annabel Roest and she reports,

“The evening was a great success with speakers from both Radley and Downe. From Downe, Jammy spoke about the importance of raising awareness for OCD. Her talk was very well-executed and although, she had chosen a difficult subject, she mastered the facts and spoke eloquently and clearly. The audience posed some very challenging questions but Jammy answered them confidently, demonstrating her in-depth knowledge of the subject.

Representing Radley was Declan, who spoke about the Ancient Roman politician, Cicero. His talk was both informative and well-researched and it was clear from his address that he was passionate about his chosen topic. I was impressed by his skills as an orator and he had a brilliant ability to justify his thoughts when asked questions by his audience.

After the talks, we enjoyed a delicious dinner and the chance to further discuss ideas and opinions with the boys. Special thanks to Miss Natta for helping organise the evening.”

Posted: 12th Oct 2017

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