Historic Hampton Court Palace

Trips form a key element of the enrichment programme for the Academic Award Holders and the Lower School Scholars and Exhibitioners enjoyed an educational trip to the historic Hampton Court Palace in London.

Remove Scholars, Hope and Lola report on their day out, "At Hampton Court Palace, we toured the Tudor and Georgian aspects of the Palace. It was interesting to see how the design and architecture differed between the periods. We visited the apartments of Henry VIII, as well as his kitchens which were our personal favourite, because it was fascinating to see how much food technology has changed from the Tudor period to now.

We also discovered that the spelling of the names of many foods has changed over time!

After lunch, we visited the vast gardens of the Palace and we learned that at that time, the size of your garden was a way of showing everyone else how rich you were. The Palace was very intriguing, as its inhabitants have changed and added to it in many different ways over the centuries. This was a really fun, yet very informative trip."

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Posted: 10th Dec 2018

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