As part of the Downe House ‘Finding Balance’ wellbeing programme, girls from across all year groups have been selected to take part in a trial of the Positive Planner, a journal which aims to give daily inspiration and encourage mental wellbeing.

The girls were presented with their own journal and several members of staff who have already started using the Positive Planner in their own everyday life gave the girls some top tips from their experience so far on how to get the most out of the planner.

Director of Drama and Dance, and Positive Planner advocate, Mrs Kirsty Richardson told the girls, “There’s no right or wrong way to use the Planner and I think it is really important not to think of it as homework! Personally, I have found that the Positive Planner has really helped me to focus on each day as it comes and to be more grateful and positive about all the good little things that happen in a day.”

The Positive Planner is a daily journal that helps to track patterns in mood from day to day to help an individual to spot the activities and routines that help lift their spirits and the things that get them down. The aim is to consciously do more of the positive and less of the negative.

Boarding Deputy, Mrs Genevieve Ford said, “Mental wellbeing is an important issue for us all and we are always open to introducing new ways to help our girls to look after their own mental health. We are very excited about this trial and will be keeping in touch with the girls who are have been given the Positive Planner and look forward to hearing their feedback on whether they have found it useful.”

The ‘Finding Balance’ wellbeing programme encompasses fitness and wellbeing activities for both staff and girls and includes yoga classes, gong bath experiences, nutrition advice, mindfulness sessions and each house has a wellbeing hamper which the girls can delve into and has all sorts of wellbeing treats from massage oils, aromatherapy sprays to sleep aid devices and foot massagers.

Posted: 24th Jan 2019

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