Oxford or Cambridge?

Girls who are aiming for a place at Oxford or Cambridge are given specialist support through the increasingly complex Oxbridge application process beginning with the launch of the Oxbridge Programme to the current Lower Sixth Form girls.

The Programme is coordinated by the Higher Education and Global Initiatives Department which oversees a team of expert teachers who mentor and assist girls who are applying for any course at either Oxford or Cambridge as well as organising a series of events designed to help them to maximise their chances of being offered a place.

Lower Sixth Form girl, Gemma reports on the launch,

“The event started with a stimulating workshop led by instructors from an external company, Oxbridge Applications. The subject-tailored discussions were intellectually challenging and gave us a first-hand opportunity to experience the way that the tutorial system works.

This was followed by a talk by Mr Barry Webb, a former Oxford Admissions Tutor, in which he specifically pointed out the key qualities that candidates should aim to exemplify. Head of Oxbridge, Dr Atherton then provided an informative summary of how the Downe House Oxbridge Programme facilitates our applications followed by a talk from two Upper Sixth Form girls who are applying to Oxbridge recounting their personal journeys through the application process. Overall, the event was highly beneficial and very valuable to us as aspiring Oxbridge applicants!”

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Posted: 5th Feb 2019

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