新年快乐 Celebrating the Year of the Pig

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, the MFL Department organised a fantastic event in the Murray Centre as part of the ‘Our World Revealed’ series of events and lectures. Girls from all year groups enjoyed an evening of activities and a fabulous concert given by British rock band, Transition who aim to ‘create music that touches the soul in a fusion of eastern and western musical influences’, which the girls really enjoyed.

Upper Fifth girl, Noure reports on the celebrations,

“Two days before the Chinese New Year, we started celebrating at with an evening in the Murray Centre – we took part in activities such as Chinese chess and chequers, calligraphy, paper cutting, idiom guessing and shuttlecock kicking. With the arrival of the world-famous band, Transition (前进乐团), students engaged with their spectacular music as the band members rocked the stage. The band told some funny stories about meeting celebrities and enticed everyone to stand up and dance along to the songs. We enjoyed songs such as “Sorry, My Chinese Is Not Good” (对不起我的中文不好) which had the girls going crazy!

After the event, small Chinese treats such as white rabbit sweets (大白兔奶糖), rice crackers (旺旺雪饼), rice cakes with bean paste (麻薯) and red envelopes filled with chocolate coins (装着金币巧克力的红包) were given out to pupils and band members as New Year gifts.

On Chinese New Year’s Day itself, the Main Dining Room served traditional Chinese dishes such as dumplings and buns. There were more than ten different flavours of buns! All the food tasted so good and it was amazing to have traditional Chinese delicacies on such a special day.

To have been able to celebrate the most important Chinese festival in such a traditional way at my school in England has been an absolute blessing! I usually get homesick around this time of the year, but because all the activities were so fantastic, I didn’t feel homesick at all. Thank you to everyone at Downe House for making it such a special event! Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快乐

Chinese New Year was also well and truly celebrated by the girls in the AGS, Holcombe and Tedworth boarding houses who all enjoyed a special supper to mark the occasion.

View photos from the Chinese New Year celebrations here

Posted: 7th Feb 2019

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