Global Exchange – Opportunity of a Lifetime

Every year, girls in the Fifth Form are offered the amazing opportunity to take part in the Global Schools’ Exchange Programme, organised by the Higher Education and Global Initiatives Department. Parents and their daughters in the Upper Fourth attended a launch event to find out more about the Programme.

Cordie, Mary and Susie in the Upper Fourth report,

"Mrs McKendrick led a talk on the Global Schools Exchange Programme during which we learned about the benefits of participating in a Global Exchange trip and why it really is the opportunity of a lifetime.

We learned about the experiences and activities that we could participate in, where Downe House’s partner schools are located and the timing and length of the exchange trips, which depends on the destination. Downe House has links with 15 partner schools across five different continents and all these schools have been visited by members of staff from Downe House. The experience of a global exchange is about immersing yourself in another culture and the talk made us realise how important it is to be respectful of other people’s cultures and their ways of life when travelling abroad.

Imogen in the Fifth Form shared her personal experiences gained during her trip to Mayo College Girls’ School in India and she explained how she picked up some useful life skills and became more independent. We also heard from Sappho about her trip to Herschel Girl’s School in Durban, South Africa and she showed us her amazing photos. Everyone agreed that having the opportunity to make new friendships and connections all over the world would help us improve our communication skills and become more globally aware in the future.”

Find out more about the Global Schools’ Exchange Programme

Posted: 6th Mar 2019

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