DOWNE HOUSE Destination Analysis 2017

  • 97 applications were made to HE institutions
  • 100% received offers
  • 87 girls went to universities in the UK or abroad
  • 71 achieved a place at their first choice university
  • 9 girls went to top 10 ranked universities in the world (Oxbridge, Harvard, University College London, London School of Economics, King’s College London, Edinburgh and Imperial)
  • 27 girls went to the top 20 ranked universities in the world
  • 33 girls headed to top 10 UK universities
  • 69 girls secured a place at Russell Group universities
  • 8 girls went to universities overseas
  • A few girls withdrew from this year's cycle


Overall Destinations

Overall Destinations


Destination Analysis, 2017

UK Universities Destinations

Destination Analysis